May 19, 2016

Crossing the 4 Mile Mark

I’ve come a long way in the past month with my training. I’m only running 2 days a week, but I’ve ran 4 miles 3 times (4.12 miles today to be exact…that extra .12 certainly counts!). I had only run 4 miles once in my life prior to this past month (oddly, it was in the very infancy of my pregnancy, before I even knew I was pregnant), so it’s been motivating to surpass that goal.

Although I’m not focused on speed or my overall time, I have cut down from closer to 11 minute miles to an average pace of just over 10 minute miles (today was 10:05).

I’ve noticed a few things during this past month:

  • The throbbing in my legs is not as prominent during the runs.
  • I’m not as sore the next day after the run.
  • It’s becoming easier to maintain a steady pace during the entire run (not slowing down significantly during the last mile).
  • really enjoy running with someone else! I ran with my pal Julie (who motivated me to sign up for this race), and 2.75 miles went by in the blink of an eye.

Wondering how I’m doing with the mental part of the runs? Somewhat better – though I still can’t fathom how I’m going to stay sane and focused for 13.1 miles.

Here are a few tactics I’m using to help me not think so much about the fact that I’m running, that my legs hurt and that I’d rather be sprawled out in bed in my yoga pants:

  • I started listening to the Serial podcast that the whole world obsessed over. I’m glad I hadn’t listened yet because it definitely helps the run go by more quickly!
  • Spotify playlists. Good music is clutch. MAL introduced me to a trick on Spotify so you don’t have to use all your data. First, you download all the songs you want to listen to. Then you switch to offline mode so you don’t use any data. Smart, right?
  • Imagining that I’m singing karaoke. Yes, you read that right. Imagining that I’m belting out the songs I’m listening to at a karaoke night in my head helps me during the run. Sometimes, if it’s a really good song, I bust out the Mariah Carey fingers (if you’re a Mariah fan, you know what I’m talking about). I may look ridiculous, but couldn’t care less!

Speaking of music, I finally have good headphones, thanks to MAL getting me a running-themed Mother’s Day gift (which also included some lovely Nike running shirts).

I also started wearing a visor when I run during the day and it’s sunny, which helps keep my face cooler and prevents my mind from wandering and freaking out about too much sun on my face and skin cancer (another sign that I’m in my 30s and old).

Next milestone will be to work my way up to 5 miles. I shall report back soon.

Until then, lose yourself in some Mariah Carey GIFs. 🙂